Peste noire vinyl

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You must find the few good people in this little pond we call Black Metal and have no qualms about cutting out the dead wood.

Nothing should hinder you, not a pair of tits, not gossip, not hard times nor the bitchy reviewers who enjoy the perversion of destroying two years work with a few lines of text.

Peste Noire - Quand je bois du vin (2015)

The Sunday morning I was in the studio recording. I regret nothing as I did what I did with what I had and with what I was entitled to require at the time in order to make a name for myself, as they say.

Today I no longer suffer from these problems due to increased recognition achieved from around the time Ballad was released.

peste noire vinyl

Instead I have more choices; my acolytes are handpicked according to their skills and from their common spirit. I got suckered into selling the rights of my first two albums against a Lilliputian compensation that I never saw in return for recording in a pro studio, because the producer was a sound engineer and also a false friend. Without this abusive deal I could do little with no funds, and we were stuck with the hidden defects and chicaneries of the few producers we could find during that period.

Playing with a fully capitalist principle: whoever has the funds to press your CDs and the gear to record you — basically the Capital, without which you can do nothing — make them available for you and then reap the fruits of your labour. At least I acted and released five albums despite the often unfavourable material and human circumstances that came my way. Their only motivation is the illusion of fame.

Their place is in the Air Guitar contests. When we ourselves were ashamed by this style, this ugly gargoyle style, and we had to hide in order to practise it, irresistibly.

I never played this music as a hobby or for narcissism. I feel that the only thing that matters for these ponces today, now that BM is more popular, is to waddle on stage in front of twenty people as if they were Axl Rose. I call it the Big Brother syndrome: wanting to be famous from sitting on the sofa; posing without working. More worrying, there are less and less artists who think about their music before playing it, who have an experience, who experiment with new forms such as those who forged Industrial and Batcave in the 80s, less and less Black Metallers who really build an inner world such as was the case for NUIT NOIRE two brothers who hiked a lot at night before thinking about learning to play and form a band to reflect what they felt during those sojournsDARVULIA and CELESTIA did back in the day, groups that I started with and regardless of their quality, had their own universe and a unique thing to say.

With a few exceptions, the nowadays French scene is full of clones, copycats, embittered reviewers and butthurt forum users whose main hobby is killing off the rare groups which have the balls to be at the forefront of the genre and who do not know the effort that goes into composing, creating a world, managing a group, recording and making a living from a genre that is judged and hurriedly categorised from their soft armchair.

To me these useless people have the same form as those football supporters who are blobs of gelatine and insult and judge the professional players who have a supreme physical fitness when they miss a goal.

Impotent meatballs. Keep a fair perspective. Or show us what you can do musically. From experience, the most vehement shit-talkers are also those who release the smelliest turds. What did you do? What is your legitimacy? What are your high deeds?

peste noire vinyl

And concerning the errors that sprung from the naivety of youth that allowed labels and concert organisers to bend me over under the guise of the Underground being not a business but a free passion of love and spring water, friendship and consensual sodomy, whereas Black Metal has never been so profitable as it is today I run my own label, so I know here what I am talking abouttoday I operate independently and no one, apart from the French state, will make more money from my music than myself.

It also concerns the concerts we are now preparing hard for at the moment. Being exploited on the back of my own baby [KPN] is an error that I will never commit during the rest of my career. CNC: What are the groups that have forged you musically?

Vouïvre ‎– Au Gouffre LP (black vinyl)

And those which you would recommend today? Any reason s why? I always had flashes of that era. All the aesthetics from the castles to the tapestries, from the religious buildings to the armours, from the literature — especially The Matter of Britain — to the sound of the instruments, from the code of chivalry to the racism of the chansons de geste, the heraldry, the balance between culture and nature, the omnipresent bestial nature, the art of rendering the monstrous beautiful, the hand-to-hand combat rather than drones and dropped atom bombseverything, in this large and varied epoch that the historians have condensed into a single monolithic block, everything except for the puritanical Catholicism at the end of the Middle Ages electrifies me.

Because what faces at least stay pure in our cavalier heads? Only those of your ancient lands, Oh Old Europe! BM is a music with integrity from the Latin stem integer, meaning intact — which helps us to remain intact among a dying world, amidst a decomposing people, unworthy of its Blood.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Save peste noire to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.

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Vouïvre ‎– Au Gouffre LP (black vinyl)

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Reason: "dailyLimitExceeded". Did you added your own Google API key? Look at the help. Check the FAQ of the plugin or send error messages to support.It was formed by La sale Famine de Valfunde in The band is sometimes referred to as P. N Kommando Peste Noire. Peste Noire was created by La sale Famine de Valfunde i.

Neige Alcestwho played in the band's first eight years of existence, joined him on drums. With hymns such as "Dueil Angoisseus", "Spleen", or "Le Mort Joyeux", the record caused a stir in the underground black metal scene. It helped establish the band on an international level.

The lyrics can seem autobiographical and deal with apocalyptic themes, the triumph of the body over the mind, barbarism and wartime poetry, the spreading of sexually transmitted diseasesand mental disorder.

In MarchPeste Noire released their third album Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor with a new line-up. The band's fifth album, self-titled as Peste Noirewas released in June on their own label.

It was entirely composed, recorded and mixed by Famine. The album theme is anti-urban and inspired by local history and legends, and contains Oi! Peste Noire took the famous poem "Le rat de ville et le rat des champs" by Jean de La Fontaine as its main inspiration behind the split's title. La Chaise-Dyablethe band's sixth album, was recorded at La mesnie Herlequin and released in The cover image was criticized in reviews for being openly racistwith Famine dressed in an old KKK hood, holding a rope around a black African-American's neck the African-American is also Famine but in blackface make up about to be lynched.

The album is presented as some kind of "split" between "traditional" Peste Noire music and their recent, more experimental side. The album was heavily panned by fans and critics, primarily for its experimentation with Hardcore rap and Trap music.

The EP featured " rehearsal " songs recorded in Lorraine from August Instead, Famine used the post-punk ideas he had for Valfunde on Peste Noire's third album Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor A self-released double protape box Mors orbis terrarum containing all tracks from the early, sold out, demo tapes was released inand later re-released in a vinyl edition.

The tape version was produced in by Night Birds Records in collaboration with Todestrieb records. PN has Satanist themes which focus more on Western European folklore about Devils inspired by Paninstead of the Semitic image of Satan in the Abrahamitic monotheistic religions. They have been labeled a National Socialist band and has strong ties and connections to NSBM groups, but Famine states that they are French nationalists, and "not socialist".

BM is a fundamentalismmusic with integrity from latin integer, complete which helps me to remain complete in a dying world, amidst a people in decay, unworthy of its blood. It is the apology of the dark european past. It is a psychosis which helps us to flee a reality we cannot tolerate anymore. More recently, as Peste Noire has become closely associated with the Ukrainian National Socialist scene, [2] Famine has stated:.

If I were to say that PN does not deal with plants in its texts, would that mean that PN is against tulips and poppies? And seriously, PN is too punk to be NS. Some would see the fact that we are not associating ourselves with National Socialism as a weakness, hypocrisy, or the fear of getting into trouble.

I would not show my support for AZOVI would not have a Me Ne Frego tattoo right up my neck, and when people get to know with whom PN is going to collaborate — you have my word — they will quickly understand that I have no taboos in this regard whatsoever. In that same interview Famine also clarified in regards to his interview in and pictures of him being shown giving the right hand salute:. So how is it surprising that those who sympathize with fascism are making the right hand salute? Regarding the presence of Asian bass guitarist Indria in some of Peste Noire's albums, Famine has made it clear that elitism and nationalism are equally important for him, and that since he viewed Indria as the best bass guitarist in the French black metal scene he saw no contradiction in hiring him in Forum 1 Blog 1 Sell music.

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peste noire vinyl

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